Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Perfect Heart

The perfect heart
Is perfectly real
It might not be what it seems

To seek perfection
Is to seek for yourself
And tuck it away in your heart
To carry it around
Where ever you go
Collecting perfection with every breathe
You'll find it all over
That perfect for you
It'll never be perfect for me

People are different
No matter what you think
Tomato, tomato, hazel and green
You'll never find harmony
You'll never find love
You'll never find that perfect for me

Bluebirds and bluejeans
The Devil in Red
The God that's perfect for me
Quazars and quackers
Queens in the street
Questions that poeple ask me
Through the window
The scattering light
The show that is put on for me
Special assignments
Spectacular shows
Sure beats the hell out of me
Peanut butter passion
Plenty of sun
Pleads that i hear in my sleep
Eighty Eight Miles
Evenly acroos
Ending when ever I please
Riding the wave
Right out of town
Really seems good for me
Finding that someone
Feeling that need
Falls short of what I want for me
Ever searching
Enter the earth
Exit with good thoughts of me
Cautiously warning
Clowns on the corner
Can anyone understand me
Through secret I speak
To all who will lesten
The first time you ever meet me
I might not be perfect
Except to myself
I'm made of whats perfect for me
Over the hills
And into my arms
Comes everything I want to be

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