Monday, February 20, 2006

The Famous

"Don't think to hard kid,
You might hurt yourself"

"There is nothing like
a flying pickle"

you're the only guy in Luxemborg
who has ever heard of
Marshall Tucker Band"

"Remember guys,
we always win"

"I'm number one"

"Never tell a lady you love her,
Untill she tells you first"

"You have it in you to be great,
Just don't fuck it up,
Most do"

"Don't piss on the window,
The kid is sleeping"

"Those who know,
Don't talk"

"You're not drinking enough"

"As long as you follow your heart,
You are not doing anything wrong"

"Remember, our purpose is to make sure
everyone is safe and happy"

"You want to watch me drink"

These are all quotes that have stuck in my head
Through out my life
I can remember who said these
But some I can't
Some may have come to me in dreams
Others might not have been siad directly to me
It makes me wonder
Does anyone remember anything I've said
Such as

"I'll be your superhero,
if you be my damnsel in disteress"

"Drinking at a bar is like school lunch,
everyone has their assigned seat,
if you are really lucky a fight might break out"

"Don't count your chickens,
because one might really be a wolf
disguised as a rooster"

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