Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Silly Love Poem

So many people don't believe in love
They try to say it is not natural
We manufacture it
They believe love can be controlled
That we pick and choose it
Some don't even realize it exisits

Love is a phenomenon
It controlls itself
Love is like a ghost with magical powers
You can't see it
You can't feel it
You can't hear it
Untill it wants to be known
It comes and goes
When you least expect it
It is in every one of us

When we first experience it
We know little of it
We take it for granted
Every person is loved by their mother first
When we are young
We don't realize how far it can go
As we grow love grows
It moves outside the family
It makes friends
It likes animals
It discovers song
It makes mistakes
It gets us lost
It breaks our heart

Love becomes ours
We shape it
We learn about it
We take it for walks
We listen to it
We understand our love
We understand how it works
We learn how to use it
When we get really good at it
We save it
We spread it
We write a letter about it and mail it out

Love can become tricky
It knows where its going
It knows where its needed
We think we can catch it
We think we can find it
We think we know where it is going to be
But love is strong
It hides
It dissapears
It never tells us where it is going to be

We are very naive to think we can control it
Just as we think we think earth houses the only form of life in the universe
Love wants us to think that
Because it doesn't want us to be scared of it
It comes in one size
And that size has to fit all
We put in our dues
We play the game
We follow the rules
Because its stronger then us
It sings with the angels
Swims in the clouds
Walks through walls
Scales large buildings in a single bound

It provides us with clues
One more complicated then the next
Fate is a clue thats hard to find
Love's partner in crime
The ying and the yang
The shake with the fries
Believe in fate
Because everything is going to be ok in the end

Sure it'll get us lost
It'll make us mad
It'll make us sad
It'll even let us down
It'll throw us curve
It'll make the car swerve
It'll even make us frown
It knows where it wants to go
So enjoy the ride
The tickle in the tummy
The rub on the back
The kiss on the lips
When fate has its way
You might not believe where you end up

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Dr. Weezil said...

After this, I think we can all give up...