Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Surfing the Milky Way

No more pictures to be taken
The phone calls have all gone away
Where are you now
Where did you go
I'm still playing hop-scotch on the stars
Skipping from one to the next
Untill one day I fall off
Then I'm nothing more then a Bb
Maybe they will bury my body on spaceship Earth
Because my soul is tuned into the eternal note
Just as those who come before us voice's whisper in the eternal song
My soul can hear and speak on a level that is not of this planet
The only planet that houses the devil
Either way her journey is still beginning
25 billion years it'll take
Untill she begins her final descent
Another 50 billion it'll take untill she gets there
And when she does
It's the same result for all
There is no escaping the black hole
Cause when we get there
It'll already be over for all of us
But the angel's voice will still be heard
Through wind and song the words are spoken
As a musician I'm obligated to decipher they're words
And present them to you
So you need to decide
Will you let science determine your end
Or will you walk amongst the angels

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Lilly said...

Most magnificent Jonesy....