Friday, April 14, 2006

Post-Apocalyptical Dream

Early morning hours of a tortured sleep
Thoughts in my mind now do steep
Now In the darkness
I am fast asleep
And what is it that I am to keep?
A wonderful land!
Visions to make most weep

With concealed utopias bounded in misery
Situations are serious all would agree

Survival now on the backs of friends
Not for those of the weekend

No super-marts, autos or quarterly gains
Ideas of value are very changed
People are free from their old chains
And what is it I exclaim
A wonderful land!
I love these remains

Loyalty and effort now are now traded
And in this land the just are aided

With the shallow here long since perished
And the honest now the most cherished

Here all that is left are many freed
Free to share and admit they need
A wonderful land!
For this I would Bleed

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Apotheosis said...

I'm ready when you are!