Friday, May 12, 2006

Excerpt From "My Song"

I'm not crazy
I just have magical powers
I got them on my journey
While stopping to smell the flowers
I can see your heart
You wear it on your shoulders
Your shirt, your sweater
It changes as you grow older
I can talk to your soul
It tells me what your feeling
If your happy or scared
It's always feeling something
I can sympathize with person
That none of you care for
Because their soul tells me something
And that's what they are here for
It says nobody likes me
They all think I'm mean
Because I don't say hi
When I'm walking my dream
My problem is with myself
I got too much on my mind
So how can I acknowledge you
When it's myself I have to find
I always know
Exactly what your thinking
I understand why you do what you do
And why you got a problem drinking
For these powers
I have sacrificed a lot
My heart, my soul, myself
I worry about not
My job is to sing harmony
And provide you with rhythm
My band, my family, the universe
I'm all there with them
It's a tough job
But some one has to do it
Why was I hired
When I was born I just knew it

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