Friday, October 13, 2006

Letter to God

Dear Phil,
My name is Chris, I love the bass. To me it is the glue that holds the entire universe together. You know that stuff that you guys got into in "Rising Low". About the big bang theory, and being able to tap into that energy. That stuff is what I base my musical aspirations on. The special part about the bass is that all of us bass players sort of feel the same way about playing bass. There is no question about our roles in the band. However, I like to put it up to a higher source. It is amazing when you find all these theories that bass players have. Amazing, that somehow, they are all the same.Recently I took a class called "Quest for the Holy Grail". It was a literature class. In that class we studied all the books that were written about the Grail, or using a Grail style story. For example, "The Natural" might seem to be a movie about baseball. But look at the clues. Most obvious the team is called "The Knights". Early authors used Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table as their Grail stories. Since then the Grail has taken on a new meaning. It is not just a gold cup anymore. Through the years it became things such as what ever makes you happy, people, places, and in the most recent "DaVinci Code", the lineage of Jesus Christ. My point is, for hundreds of years authors have acknowledged that there is a Holy Grail. For years bass players seem to believe that there is this supernatural precense to bringing the bass. Which is what I am trying to figure out. I want to sort of write my chapter in the bass story. Is it a supernatural thing, is it science? It is not coincidence that the bass sounds diferent every time I pick it up. I heard that there is a musical note coming from the black hole at the center of our galaxy that is 57 octaves lower then middle C on the piano and translates into a Bb. This note was discovered by NASA, and is going on right now but we can't hear it. I feel that when we play music especially bass those waves colide and make for some interesting sounds. I recently read a book about Jaco Pastorius. The book said Jaco was crazy about this book called "The Urantia Book". It explained the cosmos, the order of planets, then got into the angels. Sort of a chain of comand, so to speak, of angels. In the last part the book describes the musician as the interpreter of the angels. So why do we feel this way? I feel I was chosen to to make my contribution to music here. Because I am lucky to have this information come my way, I feel it is my responsibility to contribute to the on-going story. What do you think? I am currently living on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. I am about an hour and half from New York City. I am hoping that maybe we could together for lunch, or dinner, or maybe take in a show. Because I want to know your side of the story. I'll even fly out to California for the chance to discuss this topic with you. Thank You
Christopher Jones

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