Tuesday, December 12, 2006

for the ferry man to take her home

I should probably stop walking around the disfigurement they'’ve left you in
it'’s just the way your left arm'’s been twisted with the elbow facing inward
how your fingertips come to rest on the bruising around your neck and
the angles your hair is strewn about under the fractured lighting in this old warehouse
You are so damn beautiful the way your glass eyes stare
like living life was no more than moments caught by and thrown back through
a broken windows glare
One can only imagine the thoughts you recalled in that knife blinding instant the floor met with your fall how deserted your china white frame lies tangled within the rotting wood soaked and seeping with your blood
I only wish I could have know your touch when it was warm not like the frigid skin that currently adorns this dismal gray structure I've come to call
Dear broken beauty in these moments I cry that this worn out ol'’ leper replace your face where it lies that these slumped over shoulders bare the weight of Deaths cloak that my bare tumbled feet could take your place on his boat but you are motionless still and I am still somewhat alive so I'll turn to my streets and pray the fortune of passer-bys remembering your elegance while I collect coins to cover your eyes

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