Thursday, December 07, 2006

memo from the desk of starchy mcwhiteguy

nude models working in the glass ceiling sky rise
take another page from the book on tantric ogling
elementary navigation and i'm on my way out just this
ring motherfuckr, or i'm coming to borrow cups and cups of diabetic chocolate sause
meanwhile, several stories bellow

old bum whistles while he washes the stockbroker out of your windshield and i rainbow studden lesbian holds my hand skipping hungry and to think i almost stayed in bed

back in the office...

stubborn ole jack of 2 trades keeps begging for new staplers and his cubicle is too drafty i don't wanna fire the owners nephew but his ties aren't even funny with out the shoes i told him not to wear baring casual friday....

secret secretarial blowjobs make the best stoking stuffers and the egg nog at the holiday office fun fuck fling always guarentees a present to be named on the copy machine...which is also out of toner

outside fall and almost winter my lesbian barbie doll bought me a sandwhich and i read here dickens casue i knew she wouldn't be into it...

someone baked a pie which no one does anymore but to leave your wife for a secondhand gym shorts hooligan girlfrined what a fabulous way to say i'm going jogging in the rain

and most assuredly, you are fired

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