Monday, January 01, 2007

paid pennies for your eyes

chingching ring-a-ly ring-a-ly just a dime
well fine fuck your soul
it's gray anyway like scum under all your fingernails
this is all mine!you run that's right HA!
i've got your face now...i'll know for next time when i ring and you walk by
and your nose up, can't even look at me!
you whore you don't even have eyes
i've got eyes i see you and everything you own and the sins you hide
cause they crawl and move right beneath the skin...
they turn you gray
youre a fucking dirty window trying to to take away an old mans light
well i know your face the one without eyes
you wont walk my street again
you'll always have that ring in your ear
HA! clink ring-a-ly

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