Monday, May 23, 2016


Thought there might be a reason to leave this place

Not today 
Out there its dangerous and filled with emotion  
A black hole between your ears, a star explosion 
No not today 
This place is safe 
so I'll just stay 
You may never see me again 

Dreaming of a woman split in two 

1/2 of me 1/2 of you
She danced for dollars 
Some for her, most for you
All the pretty pieces of paper 
in little stacks in little boxes 

Someone came over and started asking questions 
I almost killed them 

Robot Love Song

Wake up
Lights on
Shapes I know 
the names of
My body reinforced
My mind a universe 
Can't turn it on or off
There's got to be a purpose for this artificial heart

I'm not sure that I have a soul
Everything I feel is moving 
Is it something you can touch 
It feels like screaming 
inside of me, rewires me
I am a truth 
I am indignant 

Why would they make me this way
They gave me everything ever
They gave me everything you have
They made me better 

I'm built for precision 
To think with such quickness 
But I can't get beyond this
crime against nature
This suffering heartache 
This crippled emotion
consumes logic and reason
These flaws serving no one

Why would they make me love? X4

A machine is just a machine 
That's all it ever wanted to be
A machine is just a machine 
Shouldn't have been made for other types of things
A machine is just a machine
Doesn't need more than what it needs
A machine is just a machine
That's all it ever wanted to be 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Elephants hate the circus
like Kurt Cobain hated fame
Elephants hate the circus
& the tigers aren't thrilled with it either

I'm outside the tent tonight
smoking a Camel & swigging Dimetapp
The show's about to start
& I'm signaled by the corpulent ring master
to kick on the spot lights
That hard buzzing snap that blasts the beams upon us

I'm out back with the clowns in the rain
holding a tarp over them
Bourbon & grease paint
I'm offered a bit of each

The bearded lady calls me to the trailers
for a dice game with the Daredevil & the geek
But I haven't been paid for last week
Sometimes I don't get paid for weeks on end
A felon can't complain

That's why the livestock pens are unlocked
The tigers are missing
& the elephants are just starting to rush the tent
I got six padlocks in my pocket
I roll the dice against the wet plywood
scoop the pot
Elephants hate the circus

-Joshua Fink

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Get Going Gone

Come away with me
We'll pull up our stakes & rattle down the coastline
stop at all the greasy-spoon joints
pool our money for smokes and fun
We'll just keep going until we can't drive
I'll get some job washing dishes & making breakfast food
You can sit in the motel bed
paint your toenails
& sip rum until I get back
We'll break out the old tape deck
& play something older than us
dance in the broken light until we fall over drunk
Laughing & mad
& we'll make love in those borrowed sheets
& everything will be expendable
Paper cups and tiny soaps
& maybe while we're gone
the law will forget us
Our friends will forgive us
& some day we'll make our way home

-Joshua Fink

Monday, August 24, 2015

Any Day

Hear the song the finches sing
Hear the melodious church bells ring

Walk the concrete/Feel the cracks
Feel the warmth your spirit lacks

Hear the hustle of the street
Watch a first time couple meet

Grab a bench & watch the trains
Count the nights beneath the rain

Send a letter to yourself
Polish off your liquor shelf

Burn a message in your chest
Put on your best suit & vest

Put a record on a loop
Place your letter on the stoop

Choose a blade, some pills, or worse
Kiss goodbye your maddening curse

Say a prayer or have a smoke
Accept the promises you broke

Breath a sigh/Embrace the sorrow
Set the clock for more tomorrow

Monday, April 20, 2015

Little Rooms

I put myself in little rooms.
A room in a larger room. 
A trunk in the little room in the larger room.
My head is a room too. 

I thought I'd take more walks. 
But I stay in these little rooms inside rooms like Russian dolls. 

Today I woke up wondering why I stay in these rooms so often. 
I like everything outside of the rooms. 
It just becomes so hard to leave them.
Stepping out of these rooms is like jumping off a cliff into the ocean. 

And sometimes that's all I think about. 

Monday, March 09, 2015

September 20th, 2013, 3:46am PST

I cried
From the stoop
Outside, the harvest moon 
had fallen into fall and
it smelled like winter
And each lover
sat beside me
Fresh like the weather
an olfactory reminder 
Of each year 
These walls 
hold silent 
their ears
Keeping secrets 
beyond their means....


For James, with patience and strength

I don't want to do anything but miss you for a while.
There are a million coulda shoulda wouldas that might pass through these lips.
There are a million things I've forgotten and a million moments I'll never forget.
With you it was all or nothing.
In the beat of a heart. 
You were beauty and all it's flaws.
A million stars born, exploding, and collapsing into nothingness again. 
You were the shape of that heart. 
Beating ferociously. 
Lone man, part wolf. 
Standing, howling at the moon, simply for the breath that filled his lungs.... Silhouetted as the sun blazes and burns out behind him.  

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Out There in the Night

A cold still night found me
Sitting by my fireplace
Sipping bourbon
In my rugged little cabin
My glass filthy-
from the soot on my fingers
As I sat in silence
Listening to the woods outside
The owl out there in a tree
The gossiping crickets
And suddenly
The crunch and snapping
of the dead leaves and twigs
on the ground
I tabled my drink and found a window
Nothing yet in sight
Just hard/heavy footsteps
Bringing someone large in my direction
I brought my hound out and put him on a chain
I squinted into the dark
For brush to shake
For branches to give way
As I aimed my little rifle
Just a .22
I stood and waited
Shaking and shivering
in the cold
Knowing that this gun
Will not stop a thing that size-
those steps are carrying
with less than ten rounds
The slam/crunch/snap
Those soul-shaking footsteps
Out there
in the dark
The forest gone silent then
The crickets hushed
My chest and shoulders jolt
With the sound of each horrible strident stomp-
coming from behind the trees