Friday, November 25, 2011

I am the buffalo contemplating barbed wire
confused by the world that hands of men have built around me
but in awe of their ingenuity
the craftsmanship found in small objects
and the belief that they will live


It starts slowly
creeping up the back of my neck
until it's whispering in my ear

we are all riding an escalator
up up up
and at the top just darkness
or a guillotine
or a firing squad
whichever end you may find yourself choosing
but it's inevitable

you hit terminal velocity the day you were born

and it's somewhat unfair
because you didn't choose this for yourself
which begs the question

if given the choice
would you choose existing
knowing full well
that someday you would blink
back out of existence once again?

Godspeed and have a good death.


If Betelegeuse goes supernova
and night turns to day
if the moon hides
behind the gamma ray burst
and starlight rules the sky
I will hold on to you
until darkness returns

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Traffic Violations

I often mistake Stop
Signs for Yield Signs,
And I think I have the
Go ahead then POW!
Now I gotta explain
How I thought the
S-T-O-P looked like a
Y-I-E-L-D, even though
Not a single letter is
Shared between the two,
Or how in my eyes, the
Octagon lost five sides and
Morphed into a down-
Facing triangle.

I also need to read Traffic
Signals better, but Red
Inevitably flows to Yellow
Inevitably flows to Green,
All those colors blending
And easy to