Sunday, February 19, 2012


Like the worm of a dying fire
We reset the stage
For the world living on our wire
We connect the terminals
I am a word misspelled
And I feel my readers eyes
We reset the page
Before the word living in the fire
We begin to speak in tounges
Making language up

Thursday, February 16, 2012

"MIA was right to use the sacred "middle-finger" hand-gesture during the super bowl half-time show" is too long of a title for this piece

Not only am I the observer,
Watching the cosmos unfold before me,
One emotion after the other rising from static and birthing physicality…

But so am I the observed, a part of that cosmic function,
experiencing the emotions in linear time, partaking in the manifestation
from inception to physicality.
We are a circle of flowing water,
you and me.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sir, speak louder and closer to the drive thru microphone, please

If I give my best today

Will I wake up tomorrow
And feel the same?

I won't list the ways
It could come to mistake
So in my dreams I play a saint
The right choices already made

If tomorrow consents
I'll be on my way
Right back to today
When the wheel comes back around
I'll be abounding where I'm found
To give my best today
It connects us all, in a way
We imagine, together, the golden gates
And pull the present towards towards their embrace
We are the music makers
And the dreamers of the dreams
We weave the fabric of the universe
And bring it together at the seams
We play pretend inside
And call it reality