Cat's Cradle

In November 2009, Cat's Cradle bowled his first perfect 300 game; he has the official USBC ring to prove it. He is also quite adept at bar-room games, and is a great partner to have in shuffleboard and darts. He became an editor for Piscataway House Publications after realizing all of his works were being published with grammatical / spelling mistakes. He has gone to see the Groundhog in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, where he took on Chris McIntyre in a “yo mama joke” face-off, and which he believes to this day that he won. Keith gets a lot of inspiration from diners, and can often be found writing on the back of diner placements. He specializes in Diner Haiku, a section of poetry found frequently in The Idiom, and is trying to bring back the Sonnet. His writing often includes subjects on relationships, travel, reminiscence, and wherever else he can draw from.