Thursday, March 31, 2016

Elephants hate the circus
like Kurt Cobain hated fame
Elephants hate the circus
& the tigers aren't thrilled with it either

I'm outside the tent tonight
smoking a Camel & swigging Dimetapp
The show's about to start
& I'm signaled by the corpulent ring master
to kick on the spot lights
That hard buzzing snap that blasts the beams upon us

I'm out back with the clowns in the rain
holding a tarp over them
Bourbon & grease paint
I'm offered a bit of each

The bearded lady calls me to the trailers
for a dice game with the Daredevil & the geek
But I haven't been paid for last week
Sometimes I don't get paid for weeks on end
A felon can't complain

That's why the livestock pens are unlocked
The tigers are missing
& the elephants are just starting to rush the tent
I got six padlocks in my pocket
I roll the dice against the wet plywood
scoop the pot
Elephants hate the circus

-Joshua Fink