Wednesday, January 31, 2007

stupid move

Sorry little brown spider
That you had to learn your lesson
In such a hard way

But if you were sixty times my size
I wouldn’t have snuck up you

squiddly bop

I want to sing at the top of my lungs

In public

Children’s songs

And I want to hop

Into the liquor store

An’ wiggle a little dance

Till I find my beer

An’ I don’t care

How many people

I piss off

By being so cheerful


The Kid says meh

The Kid says meh

Cause it’s just not cool

To try so hard

Or want so bad

To bring magic into this world

might as well make use of this digital mess

It was most definatlely a pleasure on my end as well.I hope your travels home were safely executed.
Hows the life little dreamer?
Oh don't know...wake me up for breakfast...And a pipe...and some bluegrass.
indeed. A drunken fiasco
I would be honored!
Details? Plan Ppfft...
when it hits you you feel no pain
What the fuck are you babbling on about?
good morning sunshine
now i definatly want you in my bed...
how do you do that beautiful?
Hydrogen Peroxide and warm water alternate
then the shop vac
you don't even want to know the picture that just popped into my head
I can dig it

For Mac

I hope that once a year
as the radio on your way to work
tells you if there'll be spring
you think of me, fondly,
and the mad rush snow in our faces,
dawn and the sky on fire

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Magic Fingers

I have mad love for you
vibrating beside me
tinkering away your keys
your eyes a clear reflection
of the energy you're suppressing
and the soul in your possession
is due for some confession
so child DANCE!
a natural honesty
for you are truly beauty
soft and kind you have proved me
beyond control smiling shyly to you
darling we've only so little time
enough has been wasted on worries mind
so come out and play and I'm sure you will find
all the life that's been waiting for you to arrive
I'll beg you child please
for your soul is worth saving
i will not let you fade
get up and DANCE! away with me

Thursday, January 25, 2007

You aint no fraggle

So prolific are the words that describe nothing
And yet you insist there is magic in them
When all along I knew in you
An inner cosmology as small and empty
As the promises made by bureaucracy

So now I see the advertisement was only for itself
And wonder why you bother
And thank my lucky stars
I didn’t spend too much in the process
Of learning buyer beware

Monday, January 22, 2007

Stop Motion

one day one day

my head distracts the rest of me talking in sepia tones
watching ceramic tiles climing over one another and you know stop motion is an illusion and

the distance between us seems infinite

but those are your limitations, not mine

let me pass on by through the ground and beneath where sounds and landmarks are the mosaic breath we find ourselves in

our hearts seem infinite

but that's your limitation, not mine

Sunday, January 21, 2007

eh, not much else but a mind wobble

wearing last nights face like a smiling broken child
my mournings mirror cant tell the difference anymore
between our days and nights lives
made-up relations creation of complication
you're a waver to awaken
and the silence sometimes is
missunderstood or miss-taken
never the less my road is nowheres end
and endless recollection moments
at casualties hands
little rivers cutting through grand mountains
leaving footprints on the land
a musical bumbardment
lasting like burning souls and dancing feet
i've loved and smashed time
just to fill it with jam
to feed this souls groovin beat
never the less my road is nowheres end
so toast to then and tomorrow now
lift up yer cup
take hold of yourself
love what you love
live what you learn
dream eat dance scream
be fucking be fucking

for all the beautiful things

hey astranged lover

I thought I told you already what I want?


where are you? crashing through the cosmos, tell me
when this ends and ill be fine tell me when it tumbles
to the atmosphere of my demise... clutch my frequency
and recall resisting seizure, the stitch in our time,
a star import bound in twine... all mine... criminals
that dont believe in sacrifice are the ones that dont
make it out alive

Have a burning question?
Go to and get answers from real people who know.

Friday, January 19, 2007



your thoughts are previllous ones

Any of the large hairy spiders of the family Therophosidae; rather sluggish spiders with a strong bite which may be venomous; hairs can cause rash when handled.


I miss Jupiters moons.

Dear Silent Vow,

are you indeed enjoying January?
For I have found the selections.....


So fucking publish already
the best damn magazine
this little literary world will ever see!

love much
~*Lilly Hare

Spin Lust and Domicile Dust

everything tingles
on nights like these
with the past at my heels
and a futuristic breeze
whirling around
in my lungs
taking away worrisome

all is dancing
smoke inhalations
dreams and
creative plantations
and life most amazing
no sorrow
or sad days
just friendly kind faces
now scattered
across open landscapes and
nights full of light
impatiently await me
calling me
drawing me
whispering of
movements to be

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

One Last Visit to the Vomitorium

I have memories of you and I rolling around my kitchen floor
Paul Simon singing about crazy love behind it all
your strong yet subtle kisses
your eyes when you want more
the finest moments from your heart
laughing so beautifully loud
turning everyone's heads to yours
your shyness
the causal modesty you display
while spreading the butter on thick
the way you start your numerous stories
the ones you repeat that I pretend to forget
you clearing your throat
my window up
your bare feet
the holes in your clothes
the years in you hair
the size of your hands
the light as you stare
over your cup of tea
watching me
everything you've never said
all that you've implied
the smell of you left in my bed
oh honey how we tried

every time you made me smile
all the times you smiled back
and all those Jersey miles
a changing coast could never crack
so to say I only want you
in the hands of misery
is by far an understatement
a huge discrepancy

I want you when the morning breaks
I wanna hear your snores
I wanna wake you up and help you
get your cranky ass out the door
I want to watch your eyes wander
over every attractive form
I want to take you in and mend
all the seams that have been torn
I want you brutal
I want your sting
I want you gentle
I want your honesty
I want each and every angry tear
I want you smiling
I want you when you fall
I want you when you sing
I want you to listen
to your own damn heart for once
I want you to look up
and truly notice yourself
you're so damn beautiful
I want you to shine
I want to make more memories
with a dearest friend of mine

I want part of this cazy love

I want to have memories of you and I....

laying down
or back i guess
so still you move
without the rest

eyes cold
frozen shut
heavy as
your breath was cut

like water running
under cold black ice
a slip and fall
on fleeting grace


you hold me like you're missing
the time that we spent passing
like you mean it
like you've always ment it


sometimes i am asleep
my mother comes
and speaks to me
i can faintly hear her
little whispers
so i answer
somewhat coherently
responses of
dream pieces
and leaving her
strange things

Monday, January 15, 2007

Fwd: BBC E-mail: Why is too much water dangerous?

for those who were present for the water drinking
contest year at punxy, this article says we could be dead

* Why is too much water dangerous? **
A Californian woman has died after taking part in a water-drinking
contest, but why is too much water dangerous?

you may have read this before

Seventy three million six thousand and five years ago a celestial ruby was found by a space pirate in some of his booty. The pirate traded the ruby to a tyro shaman girl for a strange flower whose nectar could cure erectile dysfunction. Upon receiving and ingestion the nectar the space pirate promptly took the young shaman girl, dark and stormy looking but not unattractive, to bed with him. Their union was so intense and sky shaking it crossed the supernatural. During the climax the ruby shattered into sand and flew out into the universe in all directions.

Three thousand years ago in the city of Lost Ideals a small stuffed bunny was made by an albino prophet with a penchant for rum and tan women. Deep within the Bunny was placed a ruby so small it could be mistaken for a red grain of sand. The bunny became a sentient being of great lunacy.

Two thousand nine hundred and seventy nine years later the albino prophet lost a drinking contest to a short red headed woman with a peculiar accent that, as the contest went on, shifted and changed to sounds almost unintelligible as language. When the Albino regained consciousness the woman was asleep on his work table with the Bunny clutched to her chest. Though she appeared to be at least in her early thirties the albino thought her so innocent and pure cuddled with the rabbit that he fell deeply in love with her. He woke her with a kiss. She rose silently, walked out of the shop and into a large glass egg. She and the egg vanished.

Twenty three years later I woke up next to a stuffed bunny named Jonny. I wake next to him every morning as I have done for twenty two years. I kissed him goodbye and pinched his ear lovingly before I went to work. He smelled a little like honeysuckles.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Piano

He had it right that time
that once
"give up"
"It won't work out"
I shoulda listened up
now I've got
all these damn lines
staring cross eyed at me
and I start trembling
I should
Keep my voice down
when barking at
unfamiliar faces

Well where have the
Vagabonds I once knew
where have they gone?
I travel with only my
Slung 'cross my back
book in hand
chords in ears
I wasn't mean to
roam in hoards
I couldn't
get along
compromise was never my
neither was the six string
but still I play
even got an upright
gotta get moving
back on the road
staying still was never my

I Kill

Every once in a while
I Kill
a bug
a spider
a leaf
a dream

I don't want my karma to rise
too high
I'll reach complacency
I won't be miserable
I won't want to drink
to smoke
to get angry
to hate
to love
to write

Who ever enjoyed a blissful
or story?

The Old Man and the Sun

The old man stood there
one foot on the stoop
two fingers on a cigarette
one hand attempting to block the beating of the sun
"just turn around" I said
but he payed no mind
grumbled something
about young kids
his ignorance held him in
uncomfortable place
I've seen this before
far too many times
and I've seen it in
and I've let myself sit
far too long
for too ignorant reasons
that old man
too set in his ways to change
a simple rotation
too far stuck in the shitter
clean himself
and i stand over him
puking my guts out
trying to get this taste
out of my mouth
it doesn't taste like

no hyperborean native has ever taken a moonlit walk on the beach
with a bottle of wine and a trillion bioluminescent friends swirling around his feet
he's never taken a chance at staying out until the sun would rise
nor seen the reflection of a perfect sunset in a Hyperborean girl's eyes
so how can you see your own perfection
if your retinas are burnt out from it?
Stay there, beyond the North Wind,
across the arctic, beyond my oceans
in your perfect blind freeze.


this isn't a poem or whatever a "piece" or whatever art fags call things now, I made a joke up and I want to tell everyone. So here goes:

Q: Why do melons always have formal weddings?
A: Because they cantaloupe.

That is so funny. It took me a whole day to come up with that. Man I'm good.

swaying like the liquid that the clouds are becoming
is it wrong to stare so hard?
inside my throat it scratches at my esophageal walls
trying to access the b-b-b-b-b-b-cerebellum
just around the bend
it means to take me i believe
and turn me against them all

they say you can't touch the old girls in the bars now
man, we used to light em high and blow them away, didn't we?


cigarette smoke twisting it's legs up my neck and through my hair
gettin all sexy on me
setlling the scent of little nicotine-age girls
all over my skin

Friday, January 12, 2007

we've all got our demons...
have you met yours yet?

well get to know it,
learn how to control it

before for you begin to neglect yourself
and fall down into it's wings

choke on life

so it fell apart
pieces strewn about
broken glass reflecting off streetlamps
high nights low-lives
filtering the sediment

oh god this pain
makes me want to cum again
and the concussion
brought on by my own brain
stumbles me through the daylight

you know what rip tide feels like?
when the water's in you
squeezing your lungs tight
a tragic breathless fight
bursting wide your insides

that's you


and i died that time
a washed up child
abandoned like
the lifeless shells
left aside by wayward ladybugs

could you have know what it's like
to have lived so many goddamn lives
to have watched so many beautiful faces pass by
to have known them all in the blink of an eye
to truly fucking FEEL their light

well so i say fuck the cancer!
i know how to smile
and laugh like i mean it
to live or to die and
to truly fucking FEEL


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Chess anyone?

they say it's coming out of me in chunks
smothering breath and lungs
bringing out all the electricity you try to sell on the street
it's not for sale
and neither am i
i'm not another face
i've got the only one for miles around
and could anyone deny these re-movie arms?
i'm coming out in chunks broken on ceramic apexes
i'm throwing up the blood everyone's been feeding
there is no celebration for those witnesses
no birthdays and Jehovah knows no transfusions
the difference between us (not the watchtower, me and YOU)
is that I do not speak to my reflection
I only look and wonder
I wonder when I'll meet that man

so they say it's the walls
the walls, the fucking walls
too fucking tall for anyone to reach past?
i think i'm not the one you've got wrong
the walls tumbled like jericho
and left standing in the middle
was a girl so small
with a chess board in front of her
and no one to challenge
so she built an entire kingdom
pawns and pawns and pawns
pawns and pawns and pawns
pawns and pawns
she appointed her bishops
and enlisted some rooks
tea parties everyday
for everyone
as long as they weren't as real as the queen
but the nightmare came the day she realized
you cannot build a king

but i am no king
nor am i even royalty
i'm just a boy with my own chessboard to fill

Neoteny is the retention of juveniles traits well into adulthood. A common example of this is the axolotl salamander who keeps its immature gills well into adult hood. Some think that humans show neotenous traits of great apes and chimpanzees, like hairlessness and a large head. More importantly we tend to stay curious and unlike chimps we can keep learning throughout our entire lives.

“Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible, and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious, and immature.”
--Tom Robbins--

Monday, January 08, 2007

lost another one to love

teach me how to counter weigh
your instability
i want dreams about tomorrow
and to remember them at sunrise

like the night i dove your car drunk
through those jungle vine roads
with all their curves
joy electric in our lungs

all those moments flashed by
under changing stop lights
your hands and mine
all our miles intertwined

now i could have been more sensorial
i could've let down a wall or two
but you could have tried to stop me
when i walked away from you

so add another name to the list
cause friend yer just another face
i wont be able to forget
one i truly truly miss

zombatic you say?

take in and swallow this
soul live and street lights
city buzz and fly-by bums
all the liquor and dope
smoke after smoke after smoke
finding my self again
in places i've already been
lucid in your arms
dancing in your light
adrenalin fools
in the awkward night
lets be lasting friends
and starlit cross country
lovers if be
but mostly
transient dirt and dreams

only pieces of you
smothering memories

thought i saw u
explode on the horizon
but it was just an eyelash
in the

not the words so much
but the tonal quality
of paul simon's voice
makes america
a dripping instant
of romance
in the corona of a streetlamp

in the olden mists
the lizard kings
prowled the fevers and the dreams

now no more
halos and science fiction
simply cigarrette ash

the hellhound sunrise
chases me down a worn through road
is an eclipse and a needle

dampen those
dream sighs, baby
in this light
we're lucky
if even the whispers

the electricity
runnin crazed
from yr fingers to mine
might just put off
enough of a corona
to save 'em

so if we dance hard enough
it all might work out
i'm a little bit afraid
that we won't have enough time to breath

don't play with demons child
though their faces are addictive and smooth
and their touch
like fire
runnin hard up yr back

saw you, legs crossed
on that black car hood
like december suicide teardrops
flirtin hard with the crab nebula

all these poems
'bout outta date
dance steps
all those girls
'bout outta sight stares
all those lines or lies
'bout souls in the lonely human twilight
steel fireflies
morning dew
or corroded

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


This girl came around
She was too young and the violence started too soon,
too public
This girl came around
And she fell in love with me in one night
We caught a movie and she
caught my illness
She couldnt stand not to be in my arms after that
first night
So I didnt let her back in
This girl came around
And she told her friends
about this older guy she was seeing
And I let her own that
Because I owned that night
This girl came around
And she offered me everything
she had and I told her it wasnt enough
This girl came around
And she never looked at me again
Except when I let her see
That I caught her glance
This girl came around
And in three days I broke her
heart and mended it.

18 lines

A hundred pages of words or more and only half of them like me
The other half taunt me and tell me what I know
Each word you write is worse than the last they say
Fuck you
You dont own me
But they do

I can smoke so many cigarettes before the ideas appear in the clouds
Then I write them
Then they taunt me
Then I wave my hand
And they're gone
Like magic

I had to find a way to drink alcohol and coffee together
So I put them in the same cup
Every drink you drink makes you worse than the last
Fuck you
You dont own me
But they do

The Old Girls

The old girls still come
I cant make them go
And I cant keep them away
Like the one I never
she knows it
She likes it, being used only
when Im drunk enough not
to care
She calls on the days when
she thinks Ill be drinking
She calls at the time when
she thinks Ill be drunk
I always tell her to leave after
before she wants to
Because I don't like her
And another one who I used
to love
She comes by
She knows me well enough
She knows my intentions
Sometimes Ill catch her crying
a little
I tell her everytime to
shut up
because she knows what it is
She asks for it again
The old girls still come
I cant make them go
I cant keep them away
The new girls just dont hurt

you sleep beautiful/dangerous

I see
molten and nuclear amber glass,
this bottle trickling
like a stream flowing over a star
and I'm skipping songs
over it like stones

I see Rosalie take it
and wear it like gold
drapped across her neck
talking about the wine still
the condensation and the night

a concrete cold landing, dancing
up the stairs, singing
that the world is sand
and sand becomes glass
and all is mirror like,
polished to reflect you,
the way you shine
incandecent, the

way you shine

Don't worry

Before the gods there was force. You don't remember this time, you were sleeping. We could never understand the awsome whole being of the primordial notions that exist and encompas the universe, though they were assigned the features of mankind, and named Uranus, the sky, and Gaia, the earth. And in the midst of creation Gaia bore the twelve titans. The titans of myth were concepts brought to form. And they rebelled against the sky. Cronos used a sickle fashioned from the flint of his mother earth to castrate Uranus. Later the ideas of the Titans solidified, and gave birth to the gods of finite dimention, fixed in physical space.

While the titans existed as the abstractions, the true being of Time or Ocean, there were also now gods. And they rebelled. Led by Zeus, the gods wanted dominion over the world like diamonds shaping each other. Eleven years of war ended with the gods gaining controll over their titan parents and imprisioning them in the underworld.

Anyway, the whole "Old Blogger - New Blogger" thing is kinda like that, only not as exciting. New Blogger won. But you should all still be able to sign in, even if you don't see your name on there right now. I think once you sign in it'll come up.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

poem on poem

brevity is a shotgun
the moon, a slow kiss