Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Saturday, December 01, 2012

19 Lives with 19 Wives

My first wife took my car away
My next wife took my house
My third wife took my kids away
A heartless rueful spouse
My fourth wife got my business suits
My fifth wife drank my wine
My sixth wife crashed my motor home
SHE'S still doing time
The seventh burned my mom's house down
The eighth would whine and fight
Nine and ten met heaven when
eleven bought the dynamite
Twelve,thirteen,and fourteen
Rabies,Flu,and Morphine
Chose my lawyer, Mr. Levinstein
The eighteenth was the jealous type
For all my wit and charms
It's hard to hold another's hand
Once she'd cut off my arms
But nineteen is my dream come true
It's more than just her looks
The way she grins and gazes into me
while polishing my hooks...

-Joshua Fink