Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween for The Walking Dead English

The night's October air
came with a ghostly whistling wind
the corn fields leaned away from the air
and let the still terror in
The power had been out for days
a storm had been approaching
the battery powered radio told the tale
of the evil encroaching
The windows and the doorways
were boarded/nailed/obstructed
the few stations left on air
read off names of those abducted
"These creatures in our towns and streets
are not monsters from our fiction
the drones ravaging cars and homes
don't follow film restrictions..."
Mae and I were wrapped together
huddled on the floor
lamps extinguished, beliefs relinquished
as the dead came to our door
The wood began to creek
from the rotted front porch stairs
Mae was screaming behind my hand
when they broke through the wicker chairs
We heard naked bone scrape the doors
flesh-flies came through broken glass
the smell of death and stagnant blood
came wafting brisk and fast
The pine was snapping, dead skin clapping
breaking through our home
moaning, growling, slobbered scowling
we, together, are alone
Through the darkness of our dining room
come faces plagued with sores and gashes
we kick backward into the fireplace
sitting/hiding in the ashes
As the first wave comes we kill the rum
Mae's drug screaming from the scene
They pass her back like army ants
and soon her bones are clean
They lay thier teeth into my legs
I start to bleed and scream
and as I go my last real thought...
My first real Halloween

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Turn Back As We Go Our Ways: An (re)Arrangement, in parts, by Missing You

Gosh how I miss the way you sit, one leg bent
With your guitar rest against your belly...

I miss your turned out feet and
The way you sleep
with your eyes covered by the hands you create with

I miss the tobacco in your teeth and the moments you sneak away off into the folds to
Right before you step in front of an audience with only your guitar to lean on
Your dear friend.

I miss the start of your song
right before it's born
when it's still in the womb
and watching it turn
into a masterpiece grown

I miss the shake in your leg when your on cocaine or just excited about the music.

I miss the coffee drip
your fingertips
Their calluses
Their stains

The crumbs in my bed
From 2am picnic's
choosing netflicks
pressing buttons
Taming the beast
Squeezing your hands
Your sigh of relief

I miss you drunk in the dark I miss your legs curled up with mine as we wrestle the sheets.
I miss simple things like the silent passing of our time and the sound of your lighter as it hits the street.

Your socks on my floor
playing cards everywhere
The metaphors throughout your stories
You losing your pouches

The sweet n low
Your cup 1/2 full
The ice you chew
The smokes you roll
Butts left all over

I miss falling into a kiss
the tension and release
And your shyness
Your hand on my knee at the movies

I miss the haze in your eyes
After you've gotten high
That mischievous smile
and having someone to bring leftovers home to

I miss your concern when I do my work or for the Gypsy I insist you can't cage

I miss the baths you draw
and what the fuck
Your hair amok
Shirt half untucked

I miss you most in the morning, right out of our dreams
Yours you can't recall,
mine I replay you everything
Sarcastic and silly witting, laughter ringing 
off the bedroom walls

I miss the tricks up your sleeve and
How you make me believe
In magic, in myself, in love

I miss catching your eyes and knowing that you see a part of me 
I miss you catching my eyes and showing a part of you to me....

I miss....

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Leap Frogs

took you to the leap frogs
walking between the sleeping buildings of downtown San Francisco
the time of night that makes a ghost out of the city
a coward of the brave by daylight
In a quiet you can count your blessings on

the city is a faker
and the daylight her disguise
people running around
carving their marks
her skin bleeds

in the quiet, in the still, as a ghost
She licks her wounds by moon and streetlight
breathes deep
and can finally be at peace

took you to see the leap frogs
because they are one of her subtle scars
because in the dark, in the silence, in the still
You see the scar solely
without the daylight to blind you
without the busy distracting mask
you learn all her secrets

that's how I know her
in the dark, still, alone
she is so far beyond beautiful
with her leap frog scar

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Birthday Poem

In this dream
You are the only one who knows you
Don't think that anyone else can see your self
You are vast 
A well with no bottom
You are a speck 
Dust in the eye of the dream

You were once a plant
You were once a vapor
You were once a cold stone 
a sip of water
a scratch
a beam of light

You were once nothing

You were given a birth and you will be given a death

Nothing is taken from you
Only rearranged 
Into different forms 
Nothing is created
Only realized 
Creation is simply a silence waiting to be heard by your self

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

laying on the floor
eyes fixed on the ceiling
deep in his lungs
Lot told me about the black dog in Boulder
who's face was ripped off by a car
while he stood waiting
for the light to change

as he spoke
he relived it
watching the blood pour
from where its face had been

unable to understand
why no one
did anything
as it lay in the road

even he
did nothing
but stare
and that, he hates

i think
in his life since then
in little ways
he's trying
to make up for that one moment
where he could have
eased the suffering 

where he could have done something

Monday, October 10, 2011

the friends we were and the nothing we are

Don't you worry darlin
Well I'm through you know
being so unpredictable
Don't you worry darlin
I'm no longer a surprise
We'll take the low road darlin
The same road every time
Cause I wouldn't want to turn
the pretty world you've built
From out to the inside

No I wouldn't want to hurt you darlin
Or leave you like you left me
All tied up and confused my darlin
Questioning everything

What I want for you is simple darlin
Like names carved on a tree
Like the fog in San Francisco
Or vanilla coned ice cream
So don't you worry darlin
You can count on me

To make no noise
To shake your hand
To smile nice
without catching your eye
That's how benign
our friendship will be
Like we've met only once or twice
Not like we were once a team

And I'll tuck my love in an envelope
address it with your name
And keep it between a book folds
For some down the line rainy day
When your life turns outside in
And you long for a familiar friend
Who's love remains the same
long after times had it's way
long after the threat I was back then

what you get when you ask for it

Kirk met her in the bar of the Mont Blu after the show
She was tripped up and absent
Spent what seemed like hours trying to catch the bartenders attention
Bought five shots of tequila with her friends and threw em back like a deep breath
She had a white bangled tiger fanny pack hugging her hip and a black bear backpack with cans of cheap beer in it
There was no truth behind her smile that night, until she met him
She got jacked up and taught us all how to smoke a 4 inch cigarette
They watched the bar fill up then empty out again
picture time laps photography in slow motion
they talked about everything
"Keep no secrets between strangers
this evening" he said.
And in the morning, as the sun rose waking the rest of Tahoe
They followed each other around the whirling casino
Not wanting to let go
Glasses of rocks and whiskey full
Until management would have no more of it
So they packed their bags and left
Phones dead
Cat shit breath
She by westie, with two good friends
he in a limo, filled to the brim
And that's the way it went
Que sera sera
The end

Sunday, October 09, 2011

the smoke on the steps

10000 butts on the back step
twice as many words
the pipes
bent off the buildings side
prepped and willing
to be fucked
by the crawling ivy

There is a tight space
under a yellow light
only wide enough
to fit two across
where history was made
and repeated
every weekend
and on Tuesdays fortunate enough

we all made friends
fucked eachother
and moved away

that stale cigarette smell
waxing the moon
10000 butts
twice as many words

Melancholy Centerfold

my friend Josh and I have been fooling around with lines on our texty machines, this is our next big hit ;-)

Melancholy centerfold
Beautiful dangerous
Cherry red lips, gun in her purse
The bagman said three more dollars and girl you got the whole universe
Just three more dollars that's all it took for a million dollar smile in a short black skirt, we'll make it work...

Million dollar smile short black skirt, baby I got a chevy and a sleeveless shirt
A fix, a flight, she curves like the road with reckless class, she feels so old, she grabs my hand cause it's all she'll ever know
She's a crash and burn, crash and burn, she's a never learn

He's a young man in an old mans game. Its too much trouble sometimes to remember that name
At the end of the day on the front of the page, memories are all they make
That's all he can give, it's all she can take
She doesn't want your pretty words
They won't make her beautiful

Melancholy centerfold
all your secrets have been told
In black and white, on the news last night
Didn't you think to hide
Some deep inside
The dark and cold
To whisper to the reaper when he calls you home

Didn't you think to hide
some deep inside?
She doesn't want your pretty words....