Wednesday, February 17, 2010

slipping in and out

The kitten laid on my chest
as I held my breath
Floating on my back in a blue pool of water
Wearing an old pilot's cap with goggles on top
The kind made of soft brown leather
(the kind Amelia wore before we lost her)
He spoke calmly to me about being free
while I tried to keep
Our heads from going under
As someone was preaching
while synchronized swimming
about the suffers of dreaming,
the lonesome and weary,
but all had lost meaning
with the alarm and it's ringing
We awoke and lost each other

Saturday, February 13, 2010

alright heres an assignment I'm doing in class right now and I thought I'd throw it up here and see if you guys can come out with anything for it.

Its based on a poem called "The Museum of Stones" and its a descriptive piece about stones, but what you have to do is rename the museum of something and write about that. Hopefully its something you know so you can use fancy technical good sounding words that noone else knows about

heres a link to the museum of stones poem

and ill comment with what i got so far

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

quit your job and find your rabbit hole

come away from the rust and the pictures of dreamscapes
put the ambitions before logic and reason
bury the aprehension and scald the nerves to stop the shakes
tomorrows shoulders buckle under the weight of postponed joy
you'll cut your feet
the grease under your finger nails will not fade
pain and prosperity are sisters attached at the heart
and life doesnt hand out second chances, let alone first ones...take what you can from the sinking vessel that is the today, and taste the blood proudly
in truth, the measure of success is worn on the chin

Thursday, February 04, 2010

eric clapton sells telephones now, rock and roll is co owned by a t and t people will look back on our generation as the first to do worse than the truth i dont mind it really, never really worried to much about cash, but the world falls short and theres a generation coming up behind us and we're gonna hand over thhe keys to a lemon....0at least bob dylan did somthing cool with his celebrity...he sold the shit outta them panies from victoria thats rock and roll