Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a tweet

wine drunk face flush

Some people swim gracefully through the calm waves
while I wade
each thread of the wet hairs on my head intertwine
and all the beautiful curls I desperately try to hide
finally shine
like the mid-summer sun

Doing imaginary favors for strangers

in an empty super market
super well lit
I smile
you shyly smile
and for such a small while
our eyes

but besides that
I catalog your face
and your pear and that place
late in a super market
when the produce misters go off

you wear red well
and like pears
brown eyes, hair and pale
it was only for a little while
our eyes

Walking away without consequence
buying single servings

I don't like the way that you move: Spider Tim
I don't like the way
your arms buckle and your legs crack
I don't trust the way that you swing
your big gray sack on your big stupid back
I don't like the way you move
spider Tim

That Thesailie Sim

Thesailie Sim took thirteen days
to get to the bottom of the big red gorge
Stomping on Shrubs and snakes
letting his beard get long

He chewed on the end of an ugly empty pipe
The pipe was black with teeth marks on it
his teeth were white with pipe marks on them
and he smelled just terrible

The Frankin-lover

He is a gauze wrapped mummy
A hackneyed premise
tilting and lumbering
ungraciously towards me
with both arms out
like a big dumb equals sign

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Still sweating something out
Perhaps the pounds you've added onto this heart
To make it heavier than rock
So I'm weighted and chained down
Instead of feather light with love
I'm a tethered stone falling to the earth
A kiss on impact
Cannon balls and heart attacks

moving on

I could become some mans way 
To carry on his fathers name
Is that what love is?
Animal instinct
My blood and your blood 
Making new flesh
For old bones

We were higher then we've ever been
Counting time with cigarettes
The stars are just reflections
Your smile, burning embers,
Dieing fires, simple pleasures
Another day you won't remember

Motels with high ceilings
Kissing while we're sleeping
The weather outside teeming
might've well been dreaming

Another bridge, a flooded street
Caught off guard, don't claim defeat
We could drown here on this island
If we can't find a way off it
Anyway I'd be just fine with that

The parkway, turnpike, leaving
Elevators, trains, revolving doors in
New York city, saintly wisdom
Graffiti bumps and king pins
Sneaking into buildings
Singing, smiling, let me down again
Get me outta here
Let me outta here

I just want to be
back in your passenger seat

Two people sit in a room saying nothing to one another
Their silence is thick and tence like thunderstorm weather
They don't even bother 
He doesn't touch her she's afraid to touch him
Some things should have ended long ago
Some things should never begin