Sunday, September 15, 2013

notes I write on my phone in delirious states (NYC 2012, two days before the new year)

A 40 something$ cab ride to where the fuck am I 

The man who honks
The snow on the brownstones
The A train waiting 
Missed connections
Giving up/giving in
Dramatic expansion
Present heart
Bleeding gold/currency 
Chasing the party
Wicked and assisted release 
Brain worms
Rolled cigarettes with frozen fingers
Shaking a little

One note one sound making one million people feel exactly the same way
Bottling energy
Sonic power/energy

We are flying to misty island
I'm sliding down
You're new and beautiful you know that
I need to experience you, 
I need to experience all of this
It'll all be fine I promise

Sometimes I feel what seems to be the sadness of the entire world

Well they got you by the neck 
cause they dont want you
Running away with that dagger mouth 
All twisting the stories around
To suit your pleasures

My heart beats so rapidly while I am sleeping 
Out of body dreaming

I see you've parked the car on the lawn again

You found a way to run

The train again, still waiting