Tuesday, June 30, 2009

fortune cookie

"A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline."

We were eating burnt chicken
Sitting in the 'art gallery'
with gin running through our veins

She said,
I want to buy a farm
with goats and cows
and crazy poets

I told her I'd go with her,
And live with there with the goats,
The cows and the crazy poets.
I'm still waiting for her phone call.

Some nights I’m the air
slightly turbulent
near yr wings

Some nights I’m blue air currents
silently waiting for motion

Saturday, June 27, 2009

party crowd surrounds her
yet she is alone
sitting on the padio,
watching the fireflies
light up the sky
and she only hopes
her beautiful light she shines
will bring that someone special
close to her side

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's not quiet here.
The garbage men come early
4am-ish I suppose
the night clubs and strip clubs and pizza joints and porn shops rumble and buzz in neon nylon stocking night caps
the saloon and it's alley of old whores and shoeshines, toothless grins and tongue flicks
"Come on baby shake it swish it swing it, come baby one more time, oh yeah! Hot damn, gimmie one more! Baby one more!"
Someone screams through a trumpet
kicks a boot, stamps out a cigarette
cursing about quitting for the twelfth time that night
greased up marina punks stumble and lunge
swerving circles misplaced footsteps
steady now down romolo hill
just enough to break pace
and hurl or urinate
(I always cringed when you'd piss in doorways)
Someone fights in the street on or off the phone
or with themselves
the cops are kept busy,
their lights and sirens dance on walls and ping through party murmur
Someones bass is always blowing out a speaker....
Morning doves
Cars trucks and buses
Can ladies
Poets jacked on caffeine and fucking nicotine and thought and bullshit
and maybe a banana nut muffin
and sleep deprivation
Foreign tourists or students piled in hostels
speaking tongues
and I'm wondering if I could learn a language in my sleep
...if it ever comes.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The purest thoughts, and the most dangerous thoughts, occur entwined on the ROAD

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Brighton Poetry Read - July 1st

Summer heat, cheap beers, cheaper poets, mark yr calendars, next Brighton reading is July 1st. 10 pm.

To quote of the greatest poets in NJ history, "free your mind, and your ass will follow"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

skins exposed accidentally
or almost

green in the periphery
eyes on the road

any weather in the soul
is better than no weather

spring is simply taking its time
this year

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Life of Evil

Forgive me, father for I have lived
I've read evil words
and had evil thoughts
and met evil girls
at evil night spots
I've made evil friends
and helped them stay wicked
I've breathed evil smoke
and drank evil liquid
the evil in my body
has been in evil mouths
I've chosen evil roads
and lascivious routes
I've been to evil parties
and gone on evil trips
I've seen evil films
I've tasted evil lips
so much evil I have done
I doubt you could forgive
but I beg you please forgive me, father
for I have lived

The good

If the good die young
I'll be here a long time
maybe I'll start working a soup kitchen
maybe I'll help reduce the local
sea gull population
antacids pressed into soft pretzels
they won't feel a thing
jobs are scarce lately
perhaps I'll start injuring
gainfully employed seniors
jumpstart some retirement
I could be the one to impregnate
The unsightly women
the ones who'd have no shot otherwise
or start bombing corporate franchises
that put independent business to sleep
that's just not me
I guess I'm not cut out
to be one of the good ones

Monday, June 08, 2009

It's a rainy afternoon
Hey white boy...
What was that you said?
No I can't explain that
It's Raining all day
Not the sensual rain
The annoying sticky kind
When you've got errands to run

I feel it's breath on my ear
Apocalypse the retarded prince
Naked with teeth gnashing
Sagging testicles & pot bellied
Stupid, feeble minded Apocalypse
Finger pointing in my face
Mumbling something low
Sometimes rain aint romantic

I dreamed I was on a spaceship
Sleeping on the ceiling
Dreaming about being in New Jersey
My cabin mates were sobbing
Everyone's sensitive in space
Not in New Jersey
I hate the rain in New Jersey
Cause it feels like cosmic sludge

Old Lady Soda Jerk

Weird old lady convenience store clerk,
Midnight shift soda jerk,
I look at you and wonder whats on your mind.
Are you good at math?
Do you listen to shitty music?
Have you ever killed a man?
Old Lady Soda Jerk I'm looking into your eye...
your good one.
Old Lady Soda Jerk, is there a god?
Do blueberries taste different in your old lady mouth?
Does it process information differently than mine?
Do you like cats?
Did you ever look good naked?
Old Lady Soda Jerk...
How does time travel in this convienience store?
If you could be an animal which would you be?
I'd be a whale!
Why did you pick that haircut?
What do I look like to you?
Your hand brushes mine as you make change.
Why does it take you so long to make change?
Our skin touches, we're both alive.
Alive at the same time.
Millions of years to be alive...
And we're here now.
Old Lady Soda Jerk I'm standing in front of you.
Across the counter breathing.
You, making change for people.
Me, trying not to stare at your mole.
You never have my favorite soda pop.
Well I must leave now Midnight Soda Mistress.
The lottery ticket man is scratching at his sores.
He's staring at the back of my head.
He needs his fix and I'm an obstacle.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

no weather whatsoever
today, in the blank absence of sky
everything is sky

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

happening rapidly

when you reach red rocks
and the air blows prehistoric
where the only radio stations that come in clear
sing of Him, our Lord Savior
where the desert slumps and sighs dieing
where there is mother and mother and mother and father
and dues are paid
10% a head

where the dust is everywhere copper
and the canyon walls rise to greet the heavens
where the ghosts of dinosaurs thunder
arches bend strange and organic
providing shade and rain cover
where green only lays in river beds
ancient whispers leak through cracks
and eroding family albums
parade rock faces

find a man in Moab
and the lonely boys ranch
find a band that's stonefed
ask about the river pirate
and his WWII S boat

go with him
don't ask questions

Monday, June 01, 2009

i lie
watching the sunlight
shine on my skin
through the tree's
slow sway