Saturday, March 24, 2007


Of my life discoveries,

amongst the many i have made, in comparison, i am so amazingly small, like the tiny black ant on my leg i stand amongst mighty Sequoias head back eyes wide mouth gaping...dizzy

as are you

On the subject of maps,

i have found, that pesky plotted linear mess, highways by-ways interstates, the whole country a webbed net of confusion, every illuminated number less appealing than having absolutely no idea where you're going

like you and yer night blindness

To speak a bit about rest-stops,

Quirkville for sure and quiet possibly sketched out but most simply, free...remember that. Every folk needs to be kept on their toes anyhow

even you child

A piece of human nature,

i am of this earth, and i dance with the wind, from my cloud i have watched you in your frustration, tangled in thoughts of sacrifice, your comforts disturbed, rapid nerve endings frayed, and i wonder now, did my leisurely ways bring you patience, have my deep breaths, sighs if you will, been caught in your chest, will you ever pause to blink and recognize your flaws, for child you are fire hot bright and alive but to survive every flame needs to take the time and breathe

to be humbled

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