Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A reputation in a new community

The neighbors think we’re artists
The cable guy thinks we’re musicians
And the Baptists think were alkies

But what they don’t know
…what would really terrify them
… is that we’re poets

Poets lurk
Poets drink
Poets kidnap and shrink into dark corners
Or waterfalls
With college kids

Poets keep volcanoes in the art gallery
And forgo dining rooms for libraries
And never have any fucking food

Poets work weird day jobs
And only half admit to them

Poets snore
And keep other poets awake
So they write poetry
And endanger there day jobs

1 comment:

marionerin said...

i love this one, amy!
so true, so true.

the neighbors think i'm a singer...
a bad singer that is, when they heard me sing i'll follow the sun last nite with mark