Thursday, March 20, 2008

too many days without a decent burrito
and i'm telling you darling i miss your smell.
i keep a lock of hair to remind me
of that time i almost dove out into traffic
in an effort to escape that song.
i'm trimming nails with my teeth and buying two dollar burgers on the beach
waiting for low tide.
just a man with a dream of nudity wealth and love.
brown toned skin from the all week sun and even on its bad days i find it so apealing.

living a rich lifestyle on a shoestring budget trying to remember that i'm only acting like i know what i'm doing.


Dr. Weezil said...

There's this place in East Palo Alto, over 101, behind the Ikea and across from a funeral parlor. Great little taqueria.

Lilly said...

We're all only acting like we know what we're doing...