Wednesday, September 10, 2008

still and present

pardon please
my obscenities
but here's a mind i have
and i'll speak it free
so FUCK the job I'll wake up for
and pray for the dream
i buried deep in sleep the night before

i stopped aiming for the ashtray
smoking only where you can't see
smiling cause i've learned too well
how you choose what to see in me

I'm the ugly rape through broken window pains
I'm the light that leaves you blind,
the one you see in stars above
I've only the hope you'll live to find
the one beyond yourself

yes I will suck you dry
yes i will appease
yes you think you'll come to believe
in what you think is best for me
but know
oh know
i know what's me
I know what right from wrong
I know the song sung by butterflies wing
I know where I belong

so take that cage
you were taught to create
around yourself
and splinter in in rage
next time you aim blame my way
throw yourself off heights unsafe
and slam a smidgen of life back into
the hole you call your self

cause life is wicked RAW you see
and the ones that know of TRUE beauty
can acknowledge ALL from A to Z
and lead no one into the deep
lies of blind security

be the animal

that's the only way I'll see you
It's in that light I will not leave you

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