Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lines from "The Prelude"

When the Earth is all before me,
and all these beginnings and happenings take over

I look about and the guide I choose
be nothing more than a wandering cloud

And with that I am calm
Thank you, Wordsworth
Thank you, Milton

and with that I remember predictions of cowboys
walking into bars, because Mariachi bands

are so rare in these parts and all those miracles we create
known or unknown, seen or unseen are when we are the strongest

Yet, in weakness we create distinctions, then
deem that our puny boundaries are things

which we perceive, and not which we have made.

I love it when the Earth is all before me


marionerin said...

I too remember predictions of cowboys walking into bars...

Markbaird, I just wanna say it's great you're finally posting again (it's about time!).

I really really dig the new stuff.

Now, I'm the one with writer's block...

marionerin said...

Label yer poems!!