Tuesday, November 04, 2008

you ate Valium by the handful

Why is it
When I’m struck with melancholy
You’re always in the fold

You must have made
A mighty wrinkle
In my brain
Or perhaps on their way
Thoughts must pass
Too close to the neuron
You linger on in

I can’t help but think
Of when you told me you were Zen Christian
Same day and same diner
You called my Atheism brave
I’ll never know why

And there were those nights
Nights you ate Valium by the handful
And tried to turn my husband into a cuckold

Isn’t it droll?
To know what I know
But my brain only wants thoughts of you
Do not get to bold though

I said
I thought of you often
I did not say
I thought of you fondly


apotheosis said...

but fo real though ...I DO think of you fondly

Anonymous said...

did u really just mention a cukold in a poem? That's great

Anonymous said...

This poem may just change my life.

Anonymous said...

wait. what's a cuckold?

I'm sorry. I'm a lame duck. I ruin everything.

Anonymous said...

its a married man whos wife has sex with other women

marionerin said...

i'm speechless.

Anonymous said...

oh wait im a dummy. its actually a married man whos wife has sex with other men. and hes the cuckold and the other guy that the wife is sleeping with is referred to as the bull.

its kinda like an idiom. so when you say to yer wife, "hey honey, how about you go get ready. I'll call the bull" its not literarly a bull, but something else.

whew, im glad thats all cleared up

Anonymous said...

I just threw up alittle in my mouth.

Because of cuckolds, not this poem. This poem is the reason I swallowed it.

apotheosis said...

Always nice to see discussion on here :) I used the word cuckold because it has an embarrassing connotation to it. A cuckold is not merely cheated on but kinda viewed as a chump in the process, also the other man, the real subject of this poem, gains a bit of machismo by being able to seduce another mans woman. Lets see what wiki says:

In a broader context, the contrast between a cuckold and the additional male participant is sometimes used to summarize an individual's personality or behavior and the variability commonly seen in male libidos; the cuckold or beta male suggesting a lack of virility or smaller phallus and the additional male participant or alpha male representing virility, potency, a larger phallus, fertility, masculinity, strength and a sense of confidence in the ease with which he may sexually possess another man's wife.

Sometimes I love WalkingEnglish

marionerin said...

only sometimes? lol
wikipedia, huh?
you and mac know how i feel about that...

Anonymous said...

I love Wikipedia. It's more accurate than a dictionary or books.

Wikipedia is cosmic truth.