Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Youth Laced Courage

bring me back
to the Highland
Grove community pool
where Aunt Rosie
would take us,
where the rocks
jutted out just
below the sand
that we dove
through to hit
the volley ball
for one more
chance to win,
where we would
sink below the
water and brave
the very limits
of Life Itself
just to see
which of us
could do it,
where we never
dreaded about cutting
our feet on
the dirt hills
and rusty fences
because the ice
cream truck’s striking
bells instilled courage
in our hearts.

bring me back
to when we
rode our bicycles
down Oakly Hill
without helmets so
we could actually
feel the wind
on our faces,
as the gods
watched and laughed
when we landed

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Anonymous said...

i loved that pool