Saturday, January 03, 2009

"How was your trip?"

The fun started the second we got off the tiny airplane. A little man in an ugly uniform rolled the stairs up to the door way locked them in place and just walked off. I watched Leena's done up face closely. I looked behind me up the mobile staircase as she took her first steps squinting into the tropic light. The heavy air visibly undoing all the laborious work that was her hair. Dora behind her. Leena kept squinting using her one hand as a shield, The other held the railing and she smiled mindlessly as she walked down the small stairs. On the ground I watched her eyes un-squint and I watched her prom queen smile slide slowly into a look of mild disgust. I loved that moment, I looked to Dora to see her looking unconcerned and actually rather bored. So that pissed me off and I went back to watching Leena. I suppose Leena is good looking. She tries and often succeeds, but none of it held up to the weather now. Her hair was drooping and she looked as if she was melting a bit. It was just the right level of gruesome. Just staring into jungle blankly when she had clearly expected a manicured palm paradise. I watched so closely, I watched muscles under the makeup turn her face from mild disgust to outright fury. It was wonderful. She was dressed in some gaudy shit, and melting as she was she looked a bit like a tropical Barbie left out in the sun.

"Oh, Darling!" she said sweetly. I felt the weight in my back pocket. "Darling! I hope the limo thats taking us to the resort isn't late." I'd said nothing about a limo. Ever. Then she just stood there, looking stupidly disappointed in ruffles. I surveyed the land behind her as she waited for me to reply.I just wanted to make her wait. It went from red pressed dirt that reminded me just a bit of baseball diamond to lurid nasty jungle in a jump. It was terrifying. I was so excited I quite nearly pissed my pants. 'There's no limo Lee, no limo.' I said flatly after a while. Her mouth hung open just a bit while Dora moved closer next to her.I wanted to laugh at Dora. She was dressed perfectly for this third world atmosphere, right out of the "Save the Kids" commercials. I just couldn't wait to be rid her, she gave me the creeps. It was like Lees' shadow had come apart from her up a wall in bad light, and now it could wander. That was fucking Dora. Oh, and now she had this look on her face like she was fucking pleased about something.

"There's no limo and there's no resort." she said like a know it all teenager. Leena was just catching up to what was going on. Now she was melted and furious and it really seem at that moment to be going my way. I started giggling a little, like I was about to pull a prank, I wasn't loony, I was totally barking fucking mad. I had been unsound for months but now I was out in the jungle and for some reason I felt the madness was my very best friend. I took quick shallow crazy person breaths.

My back pocket felt so heavy.

I just shook a bit and tried to get a grip on what to do next. I hadn't really thought it that far out. I guess I thought I would run back to the plane and leave them there. In a logging town in the South American rainforest. If they tried to get at me, I'd just brandish the gun. Maybe like that. Like it would be that easy. I won't lie though, the thought had fleetingly cross my mind to kill them. I just wasn't sure I could actually do it. I'm not a tough guy really, I'm just a bit adventurous. Dora had a smug smile that I just absolutely wanted to smack off of her god damned face, but I was actually pretty scared of her. The slight smile made me feel out of my league for some reason. Maybe it was her shitty smile or maybe the rum sweat that was dripping in buckets off of us. No it was because I was absolutely out of my league. If I had to say what the weather was like I would say it was sunny but like standing in breath. It smelled a bit like diesel fuel too. I realized that I had no fucking clue what I was doing here, I didn't really have a plan and I didn't actually think I could get away with anything. I had slowly been going mad and decided to bring shit to a head. I decided to do that in the jungle. My eyes glazed over and I stood.
Dora continued: "There's no limo, there's no resort, and you're going to try and kill us." Leena twitched with fear, her makeup now all sweat off and suddenly looked much more human. Dora moved quickly down and I was paralyzed with fear. My shoulders were lax and was was standing like a shit brick. Suddenly I could see very clearly and cleanly everything that was going down. It was like I was being forced to see what was going on because my fucking journey was ending and I wasn't allowed to miss this part. Lee, went shy behind her sister in a quick ballet step and Dora dropped down and pulled a gun from under her too big shirt. It was well worn and I think it said something about a library picnic in New Jersey, the shirt lifted a bit as she fell and betrayed that she was actually very slim. She was dropping to a crouch calculated and quick and drawing her weapon, the look on her face was all work...

a breeze could have knocked me down, but it was a bullet.

A bullet in the dumb shoulder. I fell back exactly as you might expect a shit brick would. Leena had already started running toward the plane and Dora was rising straight up out of the crouch, she didn't need to use her hands. I noticed then that Dora had great legs, more athletic than Lees'. Dora was a shadow with great athletic legs and she had just shot me in the shoulder. It hurt like hell, I had never been shot before.

They must have made it to the plane in the time it took me to shake off the shock and stand back up. It taxied and took off. I imagined Dora with that gun to the pilots head and I knew I had picked the wrong sister. My ass hurt. I had fallen on my back pocket and the gun. I felt like laughing but before I could a swarm of ugly brown uniforms and third world police hats had me circled. It all happened in twenty minutes time. We got there I got shot the authorities came.

My dad bribed the hell out of some people and sent someone to pick me up and thats it really.


Dr. Weezil said...
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Dr. Weezil said...

Why is it when some writers publish rambling prose it's OK, but when others do so it's deemed "disruptive" and requested to be removed?

Nothing against the authors, just curious, that's all.

Lilly said...

I sure agree...truth be, it rather pisses me off. Nothing against the short stories and random ramblings that have been posted of recent...i think it's just awful that with some people it's exsepted while others get totally booted. I much enjoy this little ditty, it was fun and I like how it reminds me of a diary entry....I also really enjoyed reading others(who, for whatever reasons, internal or external, have been romoved from WE)different point of view posts...much more so to say, than the repetitive diner drool. Don't get me wrong kids- I still hit up those good old boys whenever one crosses my path, but just as the menues are, so are the posts; average and predictiable.