Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Beach

the blue was blazing
on the waves as they
crashed against the shore and
you hid yourself
in my chest as
you tried to light a cigarette;
unable to
get the flame
to catch the paper
in the high wind.

your mother had warned you
of the rip currents;
of all the dangers;
of that blazing
blue ocean.
and we could hear
the violence of the sea
as the white foam
crashed toward us now.

we found small tide pools
filled with artifacts that
the ocean had brought here,
to the beach.
you picked up
a large sand dollar and,
brushing it off,
presented it as a gift
for my son

we continued down the beach,
your hand in mine,
more artifacts
and unsaid words
buried beneath the sand:
my sadness
in leaving the
very next day;
an ex-boyfriend
you'd been talking to...

you brushed this off as well,
presenting it as
something harmless.
I accepted it
and that is where
the sea comes
to swallow me.
'cause when I look into your eyes
I see the ocean;
the possibilities;
the future
and I'm just fine
wading into the water,
with you, love,
on a moonless night.

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