Wednesday, November 25, 2009

he was a shooting star
(torn jeans wide eyes hungry rock t-shirt)
she was a shooting star
(hips dreaming on their own, lips, a rushing)
for those two dazzling and finite masses
to meet
in all the far reaching intoxicating space
perfect angle

a miracle of impossible mathmatics

after quantum physics, after quantum physics shows you the possibilities, the possibilities of a coffee mug.

a coffee mug complete with the inked on recollection of a vacation destination with a fantastic climate for the middle aged.

after quantum physics
shows you the possibilities
of a coffee mug
piping hot
light and sweet
on a dashboard
at the exact moment
eyelids get to heavy

after quantum physics
we are forced to realize
that miracles
are not physical impossibilities
they are only


statistical improbabilities


1 comment:

thevexingvixen said...

Although all the writers on this blog are very talented, I like your distinct style. You know how to intrigue your readers with abrupt pauses and a conscience with the parantheses. Very well done.