Wednesday, February 17, 2010

slipping in and out

The kitten laid on my chest
as I held my breath
Floating on my back in a blue pool of water
Wearing an old pilot's cap with goggles on top
The kind made of soft brown leather
(the kind Amelia wore before we lost her)
He spoke calmly to me about being free
while I tried to keep
Our heads from going under
As someone was preaching
while synchronized swimming
about the suffers of dreaming,
the lonesome and weary,
but all had lost meaning
with the alarm and it's ringing
We awoke and lost each other

1 comment:

Tomasz Chmura said...

I like the way you write. It is very personal yet at the same time because of the level of intimacy you share with the reader, that much more powerful. I enjoy doing similar things with my poems. Good job. :]