Wednesday, April 07, 2010

We were higher then we've ever been
Counting time with cigarettes
The stars are just reflections
Your smile, burning embers,
Dieing fires, simple pleasures
Another day you won't remember

Motels with high ceilings
Kissing while we're sleeping
The weather outside teeming
might've well been dreaming

Another bridge, a flooded street
Caught off guard, don't claim defeat
We could drown here on this island
If we can't find a way off it
Anyway I'd be just fine with that

The parkway, turnpike, leaving
Elevators, trains, revolving doors in
New York city, saintly wisdom
Graffiti bumps and king pins
Sneaking into buildings
Singing, smiling, let me down again
Get me outta here
Let me outta here

I just want to be
back in your passenger seat

1 comment:

joe said...


Great last line.

and, of course, I like anything about new jersey, the parkway and/or the turnpike.