Wednesday, September 01, 2010

candy was
dread headed land locked
and sleeping
in the heat of upstate new york

dreaming her and i were
on a massive ship to iceland
cutting the frigid atlantic
we saw a narwhale
and i tried to leap to its back
at the last momnt it reared
its horn comming upward
and she saved me
by leaping first
her arm becoming impailed
we both rode the narwhale away
through northern lights
and cold waters

the narwhale horn isn't
really a hon at all but
a rogue tooth with grand
desires who at an early
age turns upward and grows
through the top of the
creature's mouth and out it's face
and takes on the appearance
of a horn

early viking traders would
hunt and kill these aquatic
mammals cut off their
horns and sell them as
magical items to europeans
claiming they were unicorn horns
the europeans would sometimes
grind them into powder and
sell them at apothecaries

freud would obviously find
overwhelming phalic symbolism
in candy's flesh being pierced
by the narwhale's horn

so the dream of my married
ex-girlfriend is wrought with
sexual imagery influences of
capitalism undertones of deceit
and unfulfilled hopes

but its still the sweetest thing
anyone has ever told me

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