Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dime Store Cowboy

I empty myself on your tattered pages
I’ve questioned myself on what life and age is
I limped through our love and all it’s painful stages
Just to find your apathy is quite contagious

The rags and dolls you hang around you
Wear masks to match your velveteen ways
They clean their teeth with dirty fingers
And take the coins your organ pays

The piano drunk plays our final song
Gives six bars well but plays the ending wrong
Your curtsy strung along the mean and strong
And fooled me when I thought I’d won

I was shelved those years ago
Left open/ face down/ half way through
With an iron bust to crush my spine
To let me know the weight of you

1 comment:

Gunther the SnowSheep said...

Beautiful!!!!! I love all your poetry but this ones my new fave... Fact that it doesnt includr blood, gore or death is a plus ;)
*YA STILL GOT IT* xoxoxo