Sunday, March 18, 2012

Coming Up

I never chased this moment
it just caught up with me
it must've been stuck to my cuff
it must've been stuck to you
I got a box in my desk
full of sewing needles
I got four cigarettes in there
with no filters
and a small but precious pistol
I touch it each time I sit there
I found a picture of your father
beneath my check drawer
in that drawer I never open
The one I know I NEVER should
I find ol' buttons and whiskey caps
from bottles they don't make now
I find love letters
to whom; I don't know
but she sounds classic
fragile and magestic
like a movie star
during the depression
I found a blood-ridden pen
in a private cabinet
I found a certificate that bore my name
I found a train ticket
dated the same day

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