Tuesday, February 11, 2014

for the sake of secrets

I want to give you all of this if you just take the time to give to it

I don't have things you want to see
I have secrets hidden under my skirt
I have broken bits left on the floor 
no one careful enough to sweep them up
they'll stick in your feet
Unmeasurable slivers 
that embed themselves into your flesh that the body then attempts to reject 
with a throbbing 
feeling like a bruise 
You leave me with an itch 
You bow and smile and only we know what the other prays for
your touch is so far away
we brush by one another
we catch each others eyes and I want to rip them from your head so you can't ever look at me like that again 
you would still with empty sockets 
because when some things are born they are given a life beyond their bearers that lives on so strongly without their presence 
for the sake of secrets

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