Tuesday, December 05, 2006

for my or maybe your... you know

seldom kiss between the meanings
collecting faces and rarely breathing
cutting pieces from your memory
leaving home to pursue your enemies
i'm locking all this from my favor
dying to fall upon old behavior
casting stones at won't be saviours
lying down upon the railroads
looking for a love called salvage
damage goods in shrink wrapped packages
cut my face from pictures loneliness
bedding down with paperback romance
treading water and finding rosencrance
strumming rotten five string instuments
to tell the truth i've just been impotent
masturbate to my friend syphillus
typhoid promises hacking coughin fits
i found the exit procedure bothersome
stick around till i find anyone
to solve this puzzle and my rubix cube
to be quite honest i can' find the tube
theres idiots in that box
i'm damn near out of clocks
and radio plays disco sonet rock
has any of this penetrated your box
of unclaimed personal effects
and by the time that your through reading this
is the top of the bottom any more romantic
when you can't find a flashlight to keep a promise
to the next time you'll be out of tissues
which of my freinds should i use
and to make it simple if forgotten
but i ripped my pants and swallowed buttons
now forgive my nevermind that last part
i am sure that i could believe in...

...must have fallen overboard
is there a name that maybe i could afford
just relay this criptic message
while i bask in winters undue suffrage

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