Friday, December 22, 2006

Identity theft

I know who I am

And I don’t need a number or a card or anything

I know the names of my pets and the natural color of my hair

I know how many people I fucked and how many I wish I fucked

I know who I am

I know that I don’t know the capitols of all the states

I also know how little I care

I know all the drugs I’ve done and all the drugs I’d wish I’d done

I know who I am

And so when everyone is yelling’

‘Bout what a fucking stupid bitch I am

For losing my identity

And canceling all my credit cards

And my license to drive a car

I can smile and say

I know who I am


I also know

You fuckers know who I am

But you don’t have a fucking clue

About who you are


Dr. Weezil said...
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Dr. Weezil said...

Capitol is the building; capital is the city.