Monday, April 21, 2008


i'm tired you see, i don't know. i'm out of terrificly splendid ideas for making you smile.
shut up. i'm a gasoline fueled explosion of what the fuck was he thinking. don't try too hard babe, i'm relaxing in a trash bag waiting for the truck to take me to the rest of the rubbish. throw me out and i'm looking for more like this. just a rebound player from the under skin. got a bug in my head saying take it apart and i'm fine just fine. one little mouse says its okay to feel in a world full of questions im looking for more than answers, thats a trip, a ride on today. right now i'm thinking of drugs i use to take and pains i use to feel. i like all this sullen garbage with a few gallons of screaming guitars and broken glass. just a sore throat away from the end of the middle. and i'm looking to never end up you.


Publisher said...

with a few gallons of screaming guitars and broken glass..... I like that one

Half Right said...

Be the devil's plaything, baby.