Tuesday, April 29, 2008


i find myself in two separate dreams:
a green room
plush and fresh
abundant, clean, concise
embellished by plants
and creatures of the wild,
melodic with the beat
of nature and harmony,
smelling sweet of grapes and passion,
unruly but donning a mask of reckoning
organized with the rhythm of my life
and the life of one other,
flowing together through the written
of our favorite authors.
the other vision
deep and red,
dripping with the blood of desire,
yet dry with the air of resistance
having been created by two beings,
each with thoughts similar
but repelling like the opposing poles of
weakness allows indulge
in a glance at one another
every now and then
wanting to touch
and feel
and be inside.
[the toughness of the strong animal
being sliced
and picked apart,
pulled back-exposed
is excruciating
yet most satisfying.]
at once when the sun falls
and drags the guards down with it
the floor ignites
and the red turns ablaze
through their defeat.

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