Tuesday, June 02, 2009

happening rapidly

when you reach red rocks
and the air blows prehistoric
where the only radio stations that come in clear
sing of Him, our Lord Savior
where the desert slumps and sighs dieing
where there is mother and mother and mother and father
and dues are paid
10% a head

where the dust is everywhere copper
and the canyon walls rise to greet the heavens
where the ghosts of dinosaurs thunder
arches bend strange and organic
providing shade and rain cover
where green only lays in river beds
ancient whispers leak through cracks
and eroding family albums
parade rock faces

find a man in Moab
and the lonely boys ranch
find a band that's stonefed
ask about the river pirate
and his WWII S boat

go with him
don't ask questions

1 comment:

Mac said...

"the dust is everywhere copper"

Great fucking line

Glad you're back