Monday, June 08, 2009

Old Lady Soda Jerk

Weird old lady convenience store clerk,
Midnight shift soda jerk,
I look at you and wonder whats on your mind.
Are you good at math?
Do you listen to shitty music?
Have you ever killed a man?
Old Lady Soda Jerk I'm looking into your eye...
your good one.
Old Lady Soda Jerk, is there a god?
Do blueberries taste different in your old lady mouth?
Does it process information differently than mine?
Do you like cats?
Did you ever look good naked?
Old Lady Soda Jerk...
How does time travel in this convienience store?
If you could be an animal which would you be?
I'd be a whale!
Why did you pick that haircut?
What do I look like to you?
Your hand brushes mine as you make change.
Why does it take you so long to make change?
Our skin touches, we're both alive.
Alive at the same time.
Millions of years to be alive...
And we're here now.
Old Lady Soda Jerk I'm standing in front of you.
Across the counter breathing.
You, making change for people.
Me, trying not to stare at your mole.
You never have my favorite soda pop.
Well I must leave now Midnight Soda Mistress.
The lottery ticket man is scratching at his sores.
He's staring at the back of my head.
He needs his fix and I'm an obstacle.

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