Friday, August 21, 2009


Folding panties on the tele with my old man yelling
bout my civil duty to vote
same fight every time
speaking to me like his old man spoke to him, of that I'm sure
Got a top drawer full of naughty things, panties and stockings
mushroom chocolates
at 23
and a room mate who's consumed more lsd than one could dream
Thinking of coffee and a friend of mine
and wondering about my life
making things right
And my old man has a mortgage and watches the news obsessively
waiting for the anchor to announce the worlds over.
He complains about my bed being too low to the floor
and how he wont lick my pussy anymore until it's on a frame
his theory, it's closer to the worms
he's paranoid, like really
He wants to talk about the heavy things in life, things dark and scary and real...
He doesn't want to listen though
He claims he doesn't know me and it drives him crazy
He knows.

"Tell me a secret" he asks. "A real one..."
The phone dies then
and I don't call him back

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