Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Waiting with bated breath
Needing to leave it to truly feel like im in it
Remembering California burns
from pages of memories lost or walked off with
And the American River and every river
Where someone set stones primitive

The only thing between us is you and me
and cigarette triggers
and burning down businesses
Stained, glass memories
and of and old lover
lost to opiate cloud cover
Gypsy kittens
and dogs swimming after sticks
Cutting your hair
your face in the mirror
And catching your eye
in lightening moments

There is such power there
Raw in the morning
and in the darkness
you're sleepless, your nightmares
you're bold and your shyness
And your heart I would feel
Through fingertips and tongue slips
and in the notes between the lines

Sentimental junkie
you touch me
Keep singing darling
and living your dream
and when you need
there she'll be
behind you always
a light shining
softly the melody

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