Friday, March 05, 2010

The Bass Rhythm to Being Belittled

I got another piece of maybe
it's stuck to my shoe
she said, " today is your day
I got tools just for you."
and we were dancing and hopping
and leaving the street
for our heads and our hearts
and the reasons beneath
so when I fell backward ugly
and I injured my head
she sipped at her dry wine
said," you're hurt or you're dead."
I never told her how much I'd agree
but she danced her little seminar
all over me
and when the walls were shaking
and the pictures fell down
she was clawing and quaking
I was pinned to the ground
the noise fell off
in the cold of the night
so when she lit me a smoke
my chest got so tight
I tossed my pants
up on the bed
I was searching my pockets
for my mouth or my head
that's when the bathroom door
stole the room's only light
I took a drag from my cigarette
stepped into the night
as I stepped over cracks
and hopped over curbs
she was under my hat
with all her sharp little words
and I could swear the street lights
were burning me blind
everything that I'd lost
all that I'll never find
beneath the smog and rain
and the pain of a night
where a girl crushed my conflict
and fractured my fight


Anonymous said...

beautiful! fabulous! AND tasty on my tongue!

daniel said...

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RudePrincess said...

I like this. Well done. I'm glad that I started following your blog.

Do keep it up.

nevalia said...

nice blog

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