Thursday, March 25, 2010

Turquoise Turned The Turtle's Head

Turquoise Turned the Turtle’s Head

Turquoise turned the turtle’s head

Dog-like in conveying his lack of understanding

The beauty of this jewelry

He slowly passes and

It’s nothing like this turtle has ever seen before

Perpetually slow, saved and surreal

Forever remembered

The first fragile time

Turquoise turned his mind

Slow to speak

The turtle turned his turtle head

Slow to speak and turning he slowly said

“This stone I see

Commands my attention

I am connecting to it

Like no other connection”

Turquoise, turtle, time and place

Turtle, turquoise and a slow pace

Like some example of rapt attention

Focusing on a certain selection

A slice of sunshine in a slow, slow life



RudePrincess said...

As if the turtle wasn't slow enough, a tortoise must be introduced. Portrayed such strong imagery. I like it.

you are what you read said...

Great use of alliteration and meter in the poem.

How often do we pass by objects of great beauty without recognizing their worth? For the value of things relates to our spiritual as well as material needs.