Monday, August 08, 2011

Count it

There are somethings she can always count on in life
Her father will always call
From a loud bar
And shout conversation
Over 12 states and breaking bottles

There will be two to three calls a night all from her brother
at least three times a week
Anywhere between 10pm and 3am pacific coast time
Slurring on the front porch
Recapping the entire evening
Over and over

She continues to attract men with current or prior opiate addictions.
Or men at the bottom of a bottle.
She won't ever trust one of them.
Or become an alcoholic.

Everything she knows about romance is a fairy tail.
She is jaded in the right light.
She is as constant as a dial tone.
And as lonely.

Her phone rings
It must be around 11pm
She doesn't answer it.

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