Tuesday, August 30, 2011

money cant buy happiness but it can rent louise

elastic stretched thin the mind bends on
we're slobs in defense of an over turned blonde
pintos out of fuel and she starts walking in the rain
gonna beat the train to levettown on those stems again...
the bombshell shes afflicted
and her fathers still addicted
one more junky promise
just a score to beat the ages

now me thinks she dont protest enough
one night standing on a broken heel
laughing at traffic in the down pour of the century
shes got a diamond in her handbag and a gold tooth collection
every soldier she encounters has a name that sounds familiar
but they left no room for error or for jesus on the dance floor

night comes breathing heavy on the neck of bitter days
they tumble in seductive outbursts
dipped in cherry flavoured lip balm
on my better days im know to all the fellas as louise
but if you get me far away from Bristol ill be any one you please

now mister,
can you help a disaster find a payphone and a shot
bourbon if your buying penicillin if your not
cause theres a round of applause after the audience is gone
and im left to my devices looking for the perfect john.

1 comment:

Grayson Bartlett said...

YEAH!!! I'm digging this for a whole lot of reasons. kick ass.